Drakwald – Riven Earth (2016)


Hailing from France, today we have Folk/Death Metal outfit Drakwald and their sophomore full-length release “Riven Earth”. Showing that France also has representatives on the Folk Metal scene, this release delivers 44 minutes of engaging music that will have you headbanging from start to end.

Not wasting much time to showcase their power, “Doomsday Argument” shows the band with full strength sounding like a mixture of Amon Amarth and Eluveitie. As tracks like “Erase by Fire”, “Primal Dawn” and “Rebrith” roll through, we can hear that the comparisons can be skewed more towards Eluveitie as the band’s bagpipes and flutes make them gravitate in to this territory.

The band’s catchy and melodic music allows tracks like “Despair of the Last Men” and “Murdering the Darkness” to instantly standout as Melodic Death Metal pieces, showing versatility and restraint from using the same elements at all times. This in our opinion is what makes Dralwald a good band, as they never overdo their Folk influences and allows songs to be heavy and punishing at times, as “Never Rising Sun” showcases.

Closing by perfectly overlaying all their different influences, styles, and vocal arrangements in “Blood and Glory”, Drakwald delivers a very diverse and engaging release with “Riven Earth”. While the Eluveitie comparisons might haunt the band, their heavy songs and ability to never abuse their Folk elements will make them standout of from the rest. If you like Folk/Pagan Metal, be sure to check this one out.

Band: Drakwald Album: Riven Earth

Label: Self-Released

Release: May 7th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Folk/Death Metal

Country: France

Rating: 85/100

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