The Holeum – Negative Abyss (2016)


Hailing from Spain, today we have Post-Metal newcomers The Holeum and their debut release “Negative Abyss”. Drawing influences from the likes of Neurosis, Amenra and Cult of Luna, this band pushes the boundaries on the genre with unique ideas and very engaging songs. Delivering 8 tracks of skilled aural abuse, this band is ready to take the scene by surprise.

The cosmic journey starts with the intense bass guitar line of “Chemical Ghosts”. This track is probably the most straightforward one as it follows your typical Post-Metal song aside from a few interesting tempo changes. Our favorite track in this release has to be the Doomy “Philosopher’s Stone” and its very atmospheric nature. During one of its melodic passages they perfectly add a saxophone section that magically elevates this unique song.

The album continue to get better with pieces like “Nuclear Mysticism” and “Pictures of the Uncanny”, both songs featuring interesting melodic passages and brilliant tempo changes. These two songs show the uniqueness that The Holeum brings to the table with their crafty songwriting and intricate percussions. After the atmospheric “Cosmic Horror”, which reminds us of the movie Event Horizon, the band returns in full swing with the punishing “Omniverse”.

Another personal favorite track is the emotional “Vertical Parallel Infinites”, which features more brilliant atmospheric/melodic sections. The band’s ability to move in and out of the traditional Post-Metal molds makes them stand out from the rest, and makes this release have high replay value.

Overall, “Negative Abyss” is a very unique release that shows how bands can diverge from Post-Metal in creative and unique ways, while keeping the rawness and brutality of the genre in their music. If you are already tired of all the Post-Metal bands that sound the same as Neurosis, give The Holeum a chance to blow you away with their quality music and interesting take on the genre.

Band: The Holeum Album: Negative Abyss

Label: LifeForce Records

Release: September 23rd, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Metal / Doom

Country: Spain

Rating: 88/100

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