Everything Behind – Man From Elsewhere (2015)


Marching along the current French Metal movement, today we have Everything Behind delivering an interesting mixture of Modern Metal elements with Metalcore on their full-length release “Man From Elsewhere”. Perfectly blending styles and crafting some pretty heavy tracks, this band showcases some true musical talent and a knack for catchy and melodic passages.

Opening with the pummeling riffs of “Hope Run Away”, the band blends Metalcore elements into a very Gorjia-like riffings and drumming onslaught. The contrast between the clean and harsh parts is pretty well crafted and continues through this release as on the killer track “Welcome to the End”. This last song feature very good guitar leads and perfectly crafted headbanging times.

The album continues to roll the brutal, and one of our personal favorites, “Will You Let Love”. Here we hear more of the band’s Metalcore influences, but they are nicely balanced with the crafty tempo changes, allowing the track to sound fresh and diverse. The Progy instrumental “13.11.15” shows a different side of the band, and allows the listener to catch its breath before the next brutal onslaught with “Reborn”.

Closing this release with “Man From Elsewhere”, the band leaves on a high note. Perfectly combining genres, this band has managed to deliver a very catchy and engaging release. Everything Behind is a technically proficient band that has good ideas and very solid music writing chops, they just need to define their sound more cohesively to be of higher appeal to Metalheads. If you like heavy music with breakdowns and melodic passages, this is one album to check out.

Band: Everything Behind Album: Man From Elsewhere

Label: Self-Released

Release: December 20th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Modern Metal / Metalcore

Country: France

Rating: 84/100

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