Unbegotten – Proem of the Unborn (2016)


Hailing from Spain, today we have Unbegotten and their savagely demoralizing Black Metal. Unleashing their debut release “Proem of the Unborn”, via Forever Plagued Records and on tape, this album delivers 21 minutes of soul crushing old-school Black Metal. Featuring four tracks and an intro, this is one of those tapes that will bring you to your early days of listening BM.

The only break the listener gets in this release is the mood setting intro, once “Into the Entrails of my Deliverance” kicks in, the band crafts a dissonant wall of sound that enshrouds the listener. The band’s sound is raw and basic, but with melodic moments and quality songwriting. Tracks like “Porphyric Curse” deliver solid drumming and catchy riffs that perfectly complement the demonic vocals.

On the B side of this tape we have the most punishing tracks of this release with “…Of Gardens & Evokations” and “Dreadful Lethargy of the Unstable”. There is something about the muffled raspy vocals in this release that takes us back to the golden age of tape demos and no overly produced releases. Featuring tons of tempo changes and the typical BM-melodic riffing sections, we found ourselves headbanging through these last two songs.

Overall, “Proem of the Unborn” showcases a very straightforward and powerful band with Unbegotten. With parallels to early Immortal and Satyricon, this Spanish band can only get better and deliver even more impressive songs in the future, so keep an eye out for them.

Band: Unbegotten Album: Proem of the Unborn

Label: Forever Plagued Records

Release: August 26th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 88/100

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