Khaldera – Alteration (2016)


Hailing from Switzerland, today we have Instrumental Post-Metal/post-rock quartet Khaldera and their EP “Alteration”. Delivering three tracks of dreamy atmospheric music, this release showcases the band’s ability to craft captivating music which feels natural and organic. For fans of bands like Lebowski, Isis and God is an Astronaut, this release will transport the listener into ethereal worlds.

The album slowly builds up with the spacey “Impending Tempest” and its piercing riffs. This track reminds us of a less extreme version of The Ocean. As soon as this initial track is done, the sheer power of Khaldera is felt with the punishing guitar work of “The Inevitability of Transition”. The band perfectly balances dreamy and slow passages between pummeling riffs and tight drumming section. This track is definitely the heaviest and most complex of the release.

Closing with the Post-Rock influenced “Afterglow”, the band nicely eases into the horizon with a very dreamy and mellow piece. The sweeping guitars and moody ambiance creates a very relaxing atmosphere and nicely closes a very promising release. Overall, Khaldera shows that they have great skills when it comes to making atmospheric music and these three songs are a testament of that. If you like dreamy mid-paced atmospheric instrumental music, be sure to check out “Alteration” and keep an eye out for this band.

Band: Khaldera Album: Alteration

Label: Czar of Crickets

Release: August 26th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Instrumental Post-Metal/ Post-Rock

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 86/100

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