Moke’s – Moke’s (2015)


Hailing from France, today we have Stoner Rock debutants Moke’s and their debut EP. Deliver five catchy and crunchy tracks, this EP showcases the attitude and musical skills behind this promising Parisian band. Greatly appealing to fans of fuzzy riff-driven Rock/Metal, this band craft very engaging songs that keep the energy rolling for the duration of the release.

Opening with the warm and fuzzy rhythmical riffs of “Antics”, the band quickly showcases their fearless leader (and vocalist) Agnès Bernon. Her voice is a bit raspy and fits perfectly with the vibe created by the guitars and playful drums. Things continue to get more engaging with the brilliant guitar work of “Swamp”, featuring very intense leads and a certain Southern twang to this track.

Antoine Doyen guitar work and Patrice Aerdeman bass guitar foundation make “Child” one of the best tracks in this release. Having a very organic sound, the band seems to effortlessly deliver solid songs that are quite engaging and enjoyable as we can hear with the funky “Don’t”. Closing with “Darkness”, the band leaves on a high note with catchy percussions an attention grabbing, full of attitude, vocal performance.

Overall, Moke’s is a very promising band with an engaging sound that can only get better with time. While all bands that incorporate Stoner elements to their music are trying to sound alike, Moke’s breaks the pattern and approaches the genre on their own terms. If you like anything from classic Hard Rock outfits to bands like Purson and Jess and the Ancient Ones, this is one release that you can’t miss.

Band: Moke’s Album: Moke’s

Label: Self-Released

Release: September 28th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Stoner Rock/Alternative Rock

Country: France

Rating: 88/100

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