Mountaineer – Come Fever / Siren Song (2016)


Hailing from the Bay Area, today we have Mountaineer and their very unique and emotional mixture of Doom/Sludge influences with dreamy Post-Rock/Shoegaze passages. Featuring members and ex-members of bands like Lament Cityscape, Lycus, and Secrets of the Sky, this outfit delivers a very solid two song EP as their debut release.

Opening with the crushing Doom riffs of “Come Fever”, you instantly get My Dying Bride-esque flashbacks. However, once the clean vocals appear, you know you are in for a completely different experience. Perfectly contrasting emotive vocals with punishing guitars, this track slowly moves into more ethereal atmospheres with Post-Rockish vibes and soaring weeping guitars.

Continuing (and ending) with “Siren Song”, the band opens the track with some very evident Dream pop/Shoegaze influences that further elevate the atmospheric nature of this track. Perfectly paring such fragile music with the mellow clean vocals, we are treated to very emotive music that is expertly layered and occasionally masterfully disrupted by the heavy Doom/Sludge riffs.

As a two-song debut 7”/EP, this is one of the most diverse and engaging releases we have heard in 2016. Mountaineer manages to expertly craft engaging music that mixes atmosphere and power. If you are looking for dreamy and heavy music that combines multiple styles and perfectly layers emotions, look no further and get yourself a copy of this release. We are certainly excited for the band’s upcoming full-length release.

Band: Mountaineer Album: Come Fever / Siren Song

Label: Battleground Records

Release: August 4th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Doom / Sludge / Shoegaze / Post-Rock

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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