Freitod - Der unsichtbare Begleiter (2016)


Featuring a unique mix of Depressive Black Metal with Alternative Rock, Germany’s Freitod third full-length release “Der unsichtbare Begleiter” is quite a unique one. Clocking in at 44 minutes, this album has a very dreamy and melancholic vibe to it, making it one of the freshest sounding albums we have heard in quite a while.

Opening with the powerful riffing of “Unter schwarzen Wolken”, you can instantly hear that he tempo is a bit different of what you would expect. The harsh vocals and guitar work reminds us a bit of Harakiri for the Sky. The clean vocals are what really make this release magical as they transmit a sense of helplessness that only bands like Katatonia manage to achieve. Perfectly weaving back and forth from semi-aggressive Black Metal passages to more passive Rock-ish soundscapes, tracks like “Die falsche Krankheit” and “Der unsichtbare Begleiter” make this album truly magical.

Sending chills through our spines, “Mirta” is our favorite track in this release. The level of bleakness achieved by this song is just magical and imposing. Taking an unexpected turn, “Zerrissen” is the heaviest track in this release, however it feels a bit out of place as it breaks the perfect depressive atmosphere crafted by the earlier tracks.  Luckily, “Die Zeit heilt keine Wunden” has a certain early The Gathering-esque opening which bring the listener back into the band’s very melancholic world.

The two man outfit close the release with the excellent “...und am Ende war das Nichts (Abwärts II)”, which carries a deeply melancholic vibe thanks to G. Eisenlauer clean vocals. Overall, Freitod’s sound is quite unique and intoxicating, making this release a must buy for fans of dark and melancholic music. If you have ever wondered what a mixture of Crone, Katatonia and Harakiri for the Sky would sound like, this is probably as close as you will ever get.

Band: Freitod Album: Der unsichtbare Begleiter

Label: Ván Records

Release: July 1st, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Depressive Black Metal/Rock

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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