Igor’z – All Fades Away (2015)


Arriving all the way from Hungary, today we have Igor’z and their EP titled “All Fades Away”. Featuring three hard rocking songs, this EP serves as a good calling card for this up and coming band. While not too heavy, we appreciate bands filled with attitude and catchy music. Sounding like a lighter version of The New Black, Bombers, Chrome Division, etc., this band is quite entertaining.

Opening with the crunchy guitars of “All Fades Away”, the band sets a very playful and engaging mood. Perfectly paired with the distorted guitars are charismatic lead vocals which add character and definition to the band’s sound. Featuring a lighter opening, “Don’t Care” has a more radio friendly approach with its catchy vocal melodies and straightforward nature.

Closing this EP we have “New Start”, a track that brings back some G’n’R memories from the 90’s while still maintaining the Igor’z signature style. Overall, we are quite pleased with this entertaining EP filled with solid musicianship and catchy melodies. If you like mainstream rock and are looking for something different, give Igor’z a try.

Band: Igor’z Album: All Fades Away

Label: Self-Released

Release: November 1st, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Hard Rock

Country: Hungary

Rating: 85/100

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