Be’lakor – Vessels (2016)


As one of the most expected Melodic Death Metal releases of 2016, today we have Aussies Be’lakor and their Napalm Records debut “Vessels”. Nearly four years in the making, this release showcases a more mature band with a darker and yet more melodic and catchy sound. Delivering over 55 minutes of music, this release continues to separate the band from the rest as their sound continues to be more unique.

The album slowly warms up with the catchy riffing of the short opener “Luma”, which is nicely balanced out by a slow pace and the traditional Be’lakor growls. Instantly following we have the more mysterious and intricate “An Ember’s Arc”, where the band nicely delivers atmospheric and acoustic elements mixed in with the song’s progression. The buildup achieves it sweets stop with the killer catchiness and traditional Be’lakor rhythmical brilliance with “Withering Strands”.  This track delivers 11-minutes of pure melodic magic as it is one of the best in this release.

Continuing with the Amorphis-esque “Roots to Server”, we continue the riffing barrage with a very solid piece which features some very nice atmospheric keyboards. The somber “Whelm” nicely changes the pace and showcases the band’s ability to dictate the tempo whichever way they want, and still deliver brilliant melodic tracks. An underrated element of this band’s rich sound is the pulsating Bass guitar line that is always walking hand in hand with the melodic guitars.

After the quick and fun intensity of “A Thread Dissolves”, the band delivers another very emotional and versatile track with “Grasping Light”. Perfectly alternating between two different levels of intensity, this track has some excellent melodic passages. Closing with the highly diverse “The Smoke of Many Fires”, the band combines all of the elements that make this release (and their sound) brilliant. Oozing melodic brilliance, this is one hell of a closer for such a rich release.

Never disappointing, Be’lakor manages to deliver and even better album with “Vessels”. By slightly tweaking their sound and experimenting with interesting elements, the band avoid repeating themselves and yet still sounds like their older work. If you like bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherun, October Tide, etc. you will love this Aussie band and their killer music. No need to be on the fence about this one, as it is a must buy release.

Band: Be’lakor Album: Vessels

Label: Napalm Records

Release: June 24th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Australian

Rating: 95/100

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