The Unknown – In Search of the Unknown (2016)


As one of the few bands we get to listen to from Iran, The Unknown is a very promising Atmospheric Doom /Post-Rock outfit that has managed to craft a very impressive 40-minute debut release titled: “In Search of the Unknown”. Featuring a guest appearance by Thomas Helm, this release is filled with surprises and a very unique progression. If you like highly atmospheric and very melancholic music, you will find yourself lost with this release.

As the album single track opens, the music is framed by dramatic orchestrations and heavy riffs. This suddenly changes into a brilliant spoken word passage with a very eerie vibe. This part reminded us of Anathema in their “Eternity” days. Luckily for us it lasts for quite a while and creates a very unique tension. Moving closer to the last minutes, the release turns into a lush Post-Rock piece with very lively guitars and lush piano sections. The transitions between sections are quite well crafted and create a very unique musical journey.

Overall, “In Search of the Unknown” is quite a promising debut release filled with all the magical elements we all love from Atmospheric Doom / Post-Rock releases. The 40-minute song is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster and we can’t wait to listen to more from this band. We highly recommend this release for any fan of Elegeion, Anathema (early), Katatonia (early), Draconian and My Dying Bride.

Band: The Unknown Album: In Search of the Unknown

Label: Club Inferno Ent.

Release: May 31st, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal / Post-Rock

Country: Iran

Rating: 89/100

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