Gone in April – Threads of Existence (2016)


Featuring a very diverse and international cast of characters, today we have Gone in April and their sophomore release “Threads of Existence”. Led by the beautiful vocals of Julie Belanger Roy, this band combines everything from Gothic to Death to Symphonic to Folk Metal, creating a very rich and unique listening experience for the 43 minutes of music crafted in this release.

Opening with the theatrical intro “Dawn of Time”, it is not until “The Curtain will Rise” that the band showcases their rich sound. In this track we have some very catchy melodies paired perfectly with super tight drumming, courtesy of Yanic Bercier, and Haggard-esque male growls. Perfectly blending intensity with melody the band delivers superb tracks like the “Our Future Line”, which also showcase the Bass guitar wizardry of the highly experienced Steve DiGiorgio.

As the band pummels through exciting tracks like “Remember the Days” and the Therion-esque “As Hope Welcomes Death”, we are quite impressed with all the influences that we hear fused into the band’s own and unique style. The only contrasting track is the Folky/Medieval “Embracing the Light”, which feels a bit odd in the overall scheme of things. Julie’s vocals are quite versatile as she goes back and forth between styles in the mellow “A Million Souls Gather”.

Not only focusing on melodic and slower tracks, the band cranks out pieces like “Relentless” which are faster paced and feature a health combination of growls and shrieks paired with intense drumming. Saving the best for last, “The Great Contemplation” and “The Will to End A Life” are two of our favorite tracks in this release perfectly blending all of our favorite elements that the band has.

Another aspect that makes this release quite impressive and enjoyable to listen to, is the brilliant production which allows every single intricate detail to shine and be very well balanced in the mix. Overall, “Threads of Existence” is quite a bombastic and explosive release that will appeal to a wide variety of fans, anywhere from people that like Gothic/Symphonic Metal to people that appreciate music that is technical and yet catchy. Be in the lookout for Gone in April, as this band can only get better.

Band: Gone in April Album: Threads of Existence

Label: WaveTransform

Release: February 12th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Death/Gothic Metal

Country: International

Rating: 89/100

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