The Blasfemia Amerika Tour – Behemoth + Myrkur – 5/06/2016 – The Regency, San Francisco, CA

Haven’t seen Behemoth live since 2008 at Tuska Open Air, we were psyched to be able to hear them play their latest release “The Satanist” live for North American audiences. As park part of the package the tour also included newcomer Myrkur and her killer Black Metal onslaughts.

Opening the night with great intensity, Myrkur delivered a very powerful performance filled with musical contrasts. The mixture of her angelic vocals, the distorted BM guitars, pummeling drums and her inhuman growls works wonderfully live. These contrasts make up for a killer set and a very interesting act to watch live.

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Myrkur setlist:

Den Lille Piges Død
Onde børn
Jeg er guden, i er tjenerne
Dybt i skoven
Skøgen skulle dø
Song to Hall Up High (Bathory cover)

Hitting the stage around 9:45 PM, Behemoth entered with such imposing grace and poise that sent chills down most people’s spines. With a very minimalist stage setup consisting of elaborate microphone stands for all singing members, particularly the two snake stand for Nergal. Opening with the killer “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, the band made the crowd go instantly crazy with people crowd surfing to the front of the venue within seconds of the music starting.

As the tracks for “The Satanist” continued to play, the crowd never really stopped moshing and they had a huge pit going in the middle of the venue. Never losing their intensity, Behemoth delivered one of the most impressive live performances that The Regency Ballroom and probably even San Francisco has seen in the last few years.

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Behemoth setlist:

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Furor Divinus
Messe Noire
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
The Satanist
Ben Sahar
In the Absence ov Light
O Father O Satan O Sun!


Pure Evil and Hate
Ov Fire and the Void
Antichristian Phenomenon

Encore 2:

Conquer All
At the Left Hand ov God
Slaves Shall Serve
Chant for Eschaton 2000

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We like to thank the people over at Earsplit, Goldenvoice and The Regency Ballroom for making this coverage possible.

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