Fallen Eight – Rise & Grow (2016)


Mixing elements of Nu Metal with some heavier Modern Metal and Metalcore influences, today we have Fallen Eight and their EP “Rise & Grow”. For over 23 minutes this French band delivers very clean catchy songs that will undoubtedly make you want to headbang in some moments.

Leading with “Reborn”, the band heavily relies on the vocal talents of Clem to make them stand out from the rest. The music is quite catchy, but very typical of more ‘mainstream’ Metal bands. The Metalcore influences are always present as one can listen to in “Come from the Sky” and the superbly entertaining “Final Shot”. We appreciate that the band keeps their sound consistent as the influences they blend together merge pretty well and crate enjoyable tunes.

Tracks like “Breath of the Ages” and “Light” provide the listener with solid vocal leads and powerful riffs which remind us of bands like Linking Park and Disturbed, as the band combines clean and harsh vocals here and there. Closing with “Worst Nightmare” the band leaves us wanting to hear more of their catchiness and solid musicianship.

Overall, “Rise & Grow” is a solid but short EP album. We particularly enjoyed the catchiness and solid production of this release, but the band does sound a lot like other more popular and older bands. If you like the Nu Metal / Modern Metal movement and don’t mind some Metalcore influences thrown into the mix, then Fallen Eight is a band you want to keep an eye out for.

Band: Fallen Eight Album: Rise & Grow

Label: Self-Released

Release: February 12th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Nu/Modern Metal / Metalcore

Country: France

Rating: 80/100

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