Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre (2016)


Delivering one of the most expected releases of 2016, today we have Pysch/Prog Rockers Purson and their sophomore album “Desire’s Magic Theatre”. Since creating quite a commotion with their creepy debut release “The Circle and the Blue Door”, the band has been gaining fans left and right in all parts of the world. Featuring a richer and warmer sound, this release delivers ten brilliant tracks that perfectly highlight all the awesomeness behind this promising band.

Led by the lovely and equally intimidating Rosalie Cunningham, this UK outfit opens with the fuzziness of the album title track. This piece sets retro Rock vibe with its groovy guitars and hypnotic percussions. The full-on explosion into melodic psychedelic/proggy interludes makes this track quite a solid opener. Moving on into more ‘traditional’ Jimi Hendrix-esque territories, the band delivers the trippy “Electric Landlady”, one of the most playful and engaging songs in this release.

Nicely transitioning into the darker and longue-esque “Dead Dodo Down”, the band perfectly engineers a truly psychedelic trip with the way they ordered their songs in this release. One of our personal favorite tracks in this magical release is the somber “The Sky Parade” with the very dramatic vocal performance of Rosalie sending chills down your spine. Keeping songs short and to the point, tracks like “The Window Cleaner” and “The Way it is” nicely keep the listener engaged.

Another standout piece is the magically trippy “Mr Howard” and its groovy guitar leads perfectly paired with dreamy atmospherics and vocal arrangements. Perfectly closing this release with dreamier psychedelic/proggy goodness, the band delivers the funky “I Know” and the melancholic “The Bitter Suite”.

The musical identity behind Purson is truly magical, and with Rosalie and company only doing small tweaks from their debut release, the band really goes all out in terms of raw creativity in “Desire’s Magic Theatre”. Never constrained or limited, they crafted 10 songs that are quite cohesive and at the same time feature enough creative ideas to standout from each other. If you want to be amazed and transformed to a different era/world, look no further and give this album a chance.

Band: Purson Album: Desire’s Magic Theatre

Label: Spinefarm Records

Release: April 29th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Pyschedelic/Progressive Rock

Country: UK

Rating: 90/100

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