Sinistro – Semente (2016)


With only enough bandwidth to review music, we rarely have time to review the stuff we actually buy for ourselves. Thanks to all the Internet chatter and other connoisseur recommendations, we acquired Sinistro’s sophomore release “Semente”. Instantly blown away by the fierce combination of punishing riffs and the fragility of Patrícia Andrade’s vocals, this is a release we felt compelled to write about in order to pass on this finding to our readers.

Opening with a commanding riffing onslaught, “Partida” sets a very high bar for this release. The track delves into your traditional Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal territories but is brilliantly contrasted by the hypnotic voice of Patrícia. Creating a very unique contrast the band instantly stands out from the competition. As the album progresses, the band focuses on creating a very unique and oppressive atmosphere which relies heavily on precise tempo changes and the use of keyboards, as tracks like “Estrada” and “Corpo Presente” demonstrate.

Further exploring into Sinistro’s creative depths, “Semente” delivers a very unique trip-hop-ish piece that is quite mesmerizing and serves as a nice subtle transition piece in this release. The contrasting “Reliquia” is one of our favorite tracks as it features a truly schizophrenic nature, as it goes from crazy heavy sections to dreamy ethereal parts to more heavy riffs and intoxicating vocals. Moving more into Avant-garde experimental territories of bands like Manes and Kayo Dot, “A Visita” is a very unique piece that further differentiates the band from the rest.

Closing with the hypnotic “Fragmento”, the band has managed to deliver a release filled with the traditional heavy riffs of Doom/Sludge releases, but giving them a twist by adding atmospheric and even Avant-garde elements. If you like stuff that is quite ethereal and contrasting, “Semente” is definitely the album for you. After listening to Patrícia’s vocals we are definitely hypnotized and you will be too.

Band: Sinistro Album: Semente

Label: Season of Mist

Release: April 8th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 94/100

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