Crib45 – Marching through the Borderlines (2014)


Hailing from Finland, today we have an older release that managed to go under our radar for a while, that is impressive enough to be reviewed all these years later. Crib45 plays a mean Post-Metal with Sludgy influences, allowing them to sound like Neurosis on command, but also deliver a wider range of sounds. With their sophomore release “Marching through the Borderlines”, the band delivers over 70 minutes of soul-crushing music.

Opening with the wall of sound created by crushing pieces like “Gathering the Storms” and “Catharsis”, the band really comes in tune with their characteristic sound with the dramatic “Waiting for Deliverance”. Aside the heavy distortion, the band layers atmospheric elements and dramatic lead guitars that give their music a certain Doomy feeling, setting them apart from the rest. Another interesting element in this song is the vocal experimentation introduced, which allows the song to be more dramatic and engaging.

The atmospheric experimentation is something that makes this release considerably different and more engaging than your typical Post-Metal album with tracks like the dramatic “Borderlines” and the playful “Towards Perdition”. The monolithic pieces “Fading Hope” and “Into the Abyss” bring back the listener into the crushing real of oppressive Post-Metal with huge riffs and very incisive vocals.

Closing with hypnotic “Transcending”, the band saved one of the creepiest and more efficient songs for last. Overall, “Marching through the Borderlines” is one hell of a release that is full of unconventional elements mixed in with some brilliant Post-Metal. Crib45 manage to extend their musical range adding some atmospheric weirdness to it, and end up delivering some of the most oppressive and exciting moments Post-Metal moments we have heard in a while.

Band: Crib45 Album: Marching through the Borderlines

Label: Supreme Chaos Records / Symbolic Records Finland

Release: April 4th, 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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