Tax the Heat – Fed to the Lions (2016)


Keeping up with times and the ever expanding musical scene, Nuclear Blast has managed to snag one of the best up and coming Hard/Modern Rock acts names Tax the Heat. Unleashing their debut full-length “Fed to the Lions” on April 8th, this band is ready to take center stage and blow people away with their upbeat super catchy tunes full of raw energy.

Opening with the commanding “Highway Home”, the band sets a very catchy vibe while making blending in some Aerosmith-esque influences in this very solid piece. With some certain Rolling Stones energy on the follow up “Animals”, the band instantly shows their knack for mixing old-school influences with their own modern energy and craft a very enjoyable hard rock atmosphere.

As the band delivers brilliantly catchy songs like “Fed to the Lions”, “Stood on the Platform to Leave” and “Some Sympathy”, their lively attitude is one of the elements that makes their music quite unique and enjoyable. The playful guitar work of songs like “Learn to Drown” and all others, allows the lead vocals of Alex Veale to be the melodic beacon in this release and one of the signature stables of the band.

Closing with the fuzzy guitars and solid drumming of “Lost Our Way”, the band sets a very high bar for any upcoming release, but we are sure they can only get better. The band follows no cliché’s and delivers hard rocking tunes that will surely have any fan of the genre engaged from start to end. If you like no-boundaries Hard Rock with a modern touch, Tax the Heat is one of those bands you will be hearing a lot more of.

Band: Tax the Heat Album: Fed to the Lions

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: April 8th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Hard/Modern Rock

Country: U.K.

Rating: 88/100

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