Ravenia – Beyond the Walls of Death (2016)


Continuing their impressive run of Symphonic/Melodic Metal releases, today we have Inner Wound Recordings latest gem: Ravenia. Hailing from Finland, this nine-piece band delivers eight brilliant tracks of truly orchestral/symphonic Metal that will captivate listeners and surely appeal to any fan of the genre. While having tons of ‘traditional’ influences, this band manages to craft their own unique bombastic sound, making them quite a find.

Opening with the very mellow and dramatic start of “For Those We Forsakened”, the band’s sound feels very organic and natural. With tons of computer software these days that can sound just like the real thing, we prefer Ravenia’s decision to sticking with featuring live string instruments like two violins, a viola, a cello, and a contrabass.  The extra band members allow songs like “Into Oblivion” and “We All Died for Honor” to sound very cinematic and fresh, and leaving the door open for actual live performances where all the instruments are done live.

In terms of the Metal elements in this release, the band’s musical core delivers excellent percussions and memorable riffs that provide a fully immersive musical experience. The band’s vocalist Armi Päivinen has a very characteristic voice that is strong enough to make the band instantly stand out. Having an excellent flow, this album features pieces like the somber “In Silence” that nicely shift the mood between the tracks while keeping the momentum going.

Closing the album with two 7+ minute epics, the band leaves a great impression on the listener. Featuring very rich and diverse compositions that are both engaging and truly bombastic, “Beyond the Walls of Death” is one clear candidate for best Symphonic Metal album of 2016. Perfectly mixed and brilliantly produced, this album sounds amazing and truly showcases Ravenia’s musical talents. If you like Symphonic/Melodic Metal, this is one album that you can’t miss.

Band: Ravenia Album: Beyond the Walls of Death

Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Release: April 29th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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