The Body – No One Deserves Happiness (2016)


As one of the most unique and odd bands of North America, The Body has made a name for itself by doing tons of unique collaboration while refining a punishing experimental Sludge/Drone sound. On their fifith full-length release “No One Deserves Happiness”, the band continues to push the boundaries of normal and delivers what they call “the grossest pop album ever”. After listening for multiple days we have to completely agree with their claim, as this is one nightmarish release that will puzzle the masses and hypnotize the illuminated ones.

Opening with the haunting “Wanderings” we get some fragile female vocals nicely contrasted by some Sludgy dissonant riffs and a very unnerving tempo. As soon as the harsh vocals come into the picture the album gets even weirder with such an extreme contrast… signature move of the band. After a little breather with the weird “Shelter is Illusory”, the band delivers a violent Drone/Noise pair of tracks with “For You” and “Hallow/Hollow” that will rattle anybody out of their seat.

On “Two Snakes” the pop deconstruction continues with sort of a catchy beat and female dreamy vocals, only to be disrupted by hellish screams and some creepy Industrial/Drone atmosphere. Our favorite song in this release is the bipolar “Adamah”, mixing a very catchy beat and sultry female vocals with and Industrial/Cold-wave vibe, this track will get under your skin quickly. The band returns to more ‘normal’ ways with the distorted onslaughts of “Starving Deserter” and the drone-ish “The Fall and the Guilt”.

If you are looking for even weirder and yet more accessible, “Prescience” delivers a very eerie opening that transforms into a ritualistic experience with well delivered riffs and hypnotic percussions. As the album closes with the Noise/Drone elements of “The Myth Arc”, you are instantly left wondering what the fuck did you just listened. But as with most The Body releases, it soon dawns on you that this very puzzling album is actually pretty good, and then you will continue to listen to it non-stop for a few weeks.

Band: The Body Album: No One Deserves Happiness

Label: Thrill Jockey

Release: March 16th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental/Sludge/Drone

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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