High Priest of Saturn - Son of Earth and Sky (2016)


During the last few years Svart Records has been introducing to the world countless bands in the Psychedelic Rock/Doom realm and High Priest of Saturn is another hidden gem they managed to uncover. Hailing from Norway, this four piece outfit has a very warm and fuzzy retro sound that allows them to deliver extremely well crafted songs that will put the listener into a trance.

Opening with the psychedelic “Aeolian Dunes”, we get a hefty dosage of ripping Doom riffs courtesy of band’s mastermind Martin Sivertsen. What caught our attention instantly is the enigmatic voice of Merethe Heggset, which handles the bass guitar as well. Her vocals remind us of a more centered version of Jex Thoth. This 10 minute opener piece is the perfect mood setter for the musical journey that unfolds with this release.

The mysterious “Ages Move the Earth” is a very unique piece that nicely builds up while delivering some very cool backing organs (courtesy of Ole Kristian Malmedal) and crushing guitar leads. Reminding us of the Doors, “Son of Earth and Sky” has a very mystical and a sort of “Riders on the Storm” meets Black Sabbath vibe. The album’s liveliest song has to be the enduring “The Warming Moon”, where the band goes full-on psychedelic with very warm and fuzzy distortions and hectic organs.

Closing with the instrumental “The Flood of Water”, the band makes their presence felt with brilliant organs, solid riffs and a very in-your-face mix that will rattle your speakers. Overall, “Son of Earth and Sky” is an excellent release that showcases the musical abilities of a young and promising band. If you like bands like Jex Thoth, Pyre of the Earth, and Acid King, you will definitely love High Priest of Saturn and their authentic fuzzy sound.

Band: High Priest of Saturn Album: Son of Earth and Sky

Label: Svart Records

Release: February 26th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Psychedelic Doom Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 88/100

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