Vandersloot – 7 inch (2014)


Hailing from the Netherlands, today we have a short but sweet 7-inch release from a band named Vandersloot. Featuring six tracks, this release delivers a very unique combination of Sludge and Punk that gets the listeners going with its high-octane approach to the genres. Keeping things simple, the Dutch trio crafts straightforward songs that are quite catchy and heavy at times.

Opening with the all-out Punkness of “Socially Stabbed”, we are quickly introduced into the band’s unique world. The riffs feel a bit heavier than normal and as “Frustration” creeps on the listener, we start noticing their Sludgy edge. This last track is also quite melodic in nature, showing even more versatility from this outfit.

Sang entirely in Dutch, “Absurdisme” opens with a ripping bass guitar line and holds a very Doomy vibe. The socially charged “Only Morons Love Guns” is quite a good track to show to the average American that owns more guns than books, and its straightforward punk vibe is quite fitting. Our favorite track in this release is the super catchy “War on Drugs” and its pummeling riffs.

Closing the release with the crushing riffage of “Conflict in Trust”, the band leaves on a very high note. Thanks to the uniqueness of their sound, Vandersloot can be both heavy and fast. We enjoy the break that Sludgier tracks provide from the straightforward punk pieces, and when combined, this band truly shows its strength. If you like either one of the genres, you will be pleasantly surprised on how good this awesome 7-inch is.

Band: Vandersloot Album: 7 inch

Label: Self-Released

Release: November 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Punk/Sludge

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 84/100

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