Tine - The Forest Dreams of Black (2015)


Hailing from the USA, today we have the very unique and promising debut release from Tine. Titled “The Forest Dreams of Black”, this debut album delivers over nine tracks of a very solid blend of Symphonic Black/Death Metal. As a two-person outfit, this band mixes elements from old-school greats like Bal-Sagoth, Limbonic Art and Canada’s Necronomicon. As a very atypical North American release, this album is definitely worth your time.

Opening with the pyscho sexy riffs of “Enter the Black Forest”, the band sets a very intoxicating mood. With Count Murmur handling all the guitars, bass guitar, vocals, and programmed drums, the band still manages to sound like a real band and not some dude in his parents basement. In “Horrors at Antioch”, the solid integration of the musical base-layer and Vanth’s keyboards creates a very eerie atmosphere and reminds us of Limbonic Art and some of the early days of Charmand Grimloch’s Tartaros.

As the band pummels through pieces like “Lord is Self” and the very melodramatic “The Darkest Premonition”, the programmed drums start to get to us a bit. While they are very fitting to the music, we can’t get over the past that they sound ‘fake’ in some points, thus ruining some of the magic behind the tracks. Having a session drummer would greatly benefit and already strong musical core. Like a mixture of Centinex and Emperor, “The Crusade of Dracul” is one of the more intense songs in this release.

Our personal favorite is the creepy “Here Lies the Crooked Elm”, a song that reminds us of Ancient and their “Cainan Chronicle” album, in particular the creepy atmospheric elements. With the album winding down, we can for sure say that Tine is a quality outfit that mixes all kinds of different influences in a very cohesive way. Vanth and Count Murmur have very creative musical minds and “The Forest Dreams of Black” is clear evidence of it. If you like young Black Metal outfits that are still trying to fully form their sound, this is one interesting release to assess, from a band with great potential.

Band: Tine Album: The Forest Dreams of Black

Label: Self-Released

Release: September 6th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic Black/Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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