Phantasma – The Deviant Hearts (2015)


Delivering twelve tracks of brilliant Symphonic Rock/Metal, today we have super group Phantasma and their debut release “The Deviant Hearts”. Featuring Delain’s Charlotte Wessels, Everon’s Oliver Philipps and Georg Neuhauser of Serenity fame, this band is one of the most ambitious outfits in this musical space. The band does not disappoint with brilliant songs and even more impressive guest appearances to round up an excellently crafted release, if you are a fan of symphonic/melodic music, you will not want to miss this one.

Opening with the very solemn “Incomplete”, we are instantly pleased with the excellent duet of Charlotte and Georg. After starting on a dark note, the album quickly picks up with the mellow opening of “The Deviant Hearts”. Featuring Tom Englund in this bombastic song, all fans of either Delain or Evergrey will instantly geek out due to the way both singer’s vocals blend in this track. After a very Delain-ish “Runaway Gray”, the ballad “Try” greatly showcases Chloe Lowery and Dennis Schunke’s vocal talents in a very dramatic and epic way, easily one of the best tracks in this release.

The stream of imposing tracks keeps of going with the Within Temptation-esque “Enter Dreamscape” and the playful “Miserable Me” and its funky arrangements. A personal favorite has to be “The Lotus and the Willow”, a very mellow piece with excellent vocal arrangements and killer guitar leads. Giving the Van Canto edge to “Carry Me Home”, Dennis Schunke is a very solid complement to Charlotte’s vocals. For fans of power ballads, “The Sound of Fear” is another song that you will have on constant repeat.

Closing the release with the melodramatic “Let it Die”, Phantasma has managed to deliver a great album that while telling a story, it never feels awkward or forced. The main trio behind the band does a great job in writing captivating tracks and bringing in the right guests to further enhance them. Delivering the perfect blend of Rock, Metal and Symphonic elements, this is one release that will resonate with the fans of either genre, and will surely be a must have for fans of any of the auteurs respective bands.

Band: Phantasma Album: The Deviant Hearts

Label: Napalm Records

Release: November 20th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic Rock/Metal

Country: International

Rating: 91/100

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