Perihelion – Zeng (2015)


Hailing from Hungary, today we have a very energetic outfit named Perihelion. Seamlessly blending Post-Rock and Progressive Metal elements with soaring vocals, this band delivers a very melancholic release with “Zeng”. All sung in Hungarian, this release is quite unique as it constantly changes between styles at the exact moment you think you have figured them out.

Opening with the dreamy “Tündöklés”, the band nicely moves around from a very atmospheric and Post-Rock-ish pace to a faster and more aggressive stance at the end of the song, which seamlessly blends into the second track “Vég se hozza el”. You can clearly hear some Alcest/Post-Black Metal worship here in the guitars, but they are interestingly contrasted by the soaring clean vocals of Gyula Vasvári. Things even get a bit folky in “Felemészt a tér”, a track that reminds us of another Hungarian band Dalriada, but with a male vocalist.

Returning to the Progressive/Post-BM stuff, “Végtelen kék” is quite an engaging track with a catchy tempo and some intense heavy passages. This song is the perfect example of how the band blends genres together and greatly excels at it by switching the whole style of the track suddenly. Setting a very dark atmospheric mood we have one of our favorite tracks “Űzött”. Before closing this release, the band brings back the more Progressive side of things with the very crafty and diverse “Széthulló színek”.

Musically, “Zeng” is a very unique experience that nicely blends elements of genre’s that sound odd to mix. If you like atmospheric and progressive music that is unconventional but well-crafted this is one album that you don’t want to miss. Released via Apathia Records, this is another perfect example of why you need to keep an eye out for the releases coming out of this label.

Band: Perihelion Album: Zeng

Label: Apathia Records

Release: October 19th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Rock / Progressive Metal

Country: Hungary

Rating: 85/100

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