Ulysses Siren – Justifiable Homicide (2015)


As one of the most underrated Bay Area Thrash Metal band in the scene, today we have Ulysses Siren and their EP “Justifiable Homicide”. Featuring some songs of their 2011 demo and three live songs, this release was slated for a couple of years back but the loss of Jon Torres derailed all the band’s plans. A few line-up changes and a couple of years later, we are finally able to get our hands on a few songs from the demo and some live goodies.

Opening with the title track, the band delivers an intense punch of old-school Thrash brilliance. The guitars are quite vicious and the drumming delivers the perfect tempo for this great piece of period music. The band’s experience allows them to deliver their timeless sound with an unspoken authenticity that only the real Bay Area Thrash bands have. “Bludgeoned Mass” keeps things nice and heavy with some killer guitar acrobatics and very tight drums. Paired with a very upbeat tempo, this track is quite enjoyable.

Closing the ‘studio’ tracks of this release, “Lethal Inception” instantly reminds us of bands like Destruction and Exodus, and their very violent and straightforward approach to the genre. The live onslaughts open with the crushing “Leviathan – Above the Ashes”, a track that delivers a very melodic and mood setting opener before going into full-on Thrash-tastic mode. Recorded in 2006, this live recording does a great job in making the listener want to see the band live, especially with their crushing “The Ritual” and hearing people go crazy on the background.

Closing with the demolishing “The Reich”, Ulysses Siren manages to leave us wanting a lot more… once again. For a band with such a sound and years of experience, it is a shame that there is no complete full-length release from them. While the compilations/demos are a good source, we would love to hear a fully cohesive release written to be played in sequence. If you like KAOS, Heathen, Exodus, and any other Bay Area Thrash Metal band, this will make you fee right at home.

Band: Ulysses Siren Album: Justifiable Homicide

Label: Malevolence Records

Release: February 7th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 87/100

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