Svoid – Never To Return (2015)


Every time we receive a package from Romania’s Sun & Moon Records we brace ourselves for very good and very unique releases that will make us listen to them over and over. This time is the turn for the 2015 re-release of Svoid’s debut full-length “Never to Return”. Featuring a very filthy Black Metal sound with direct influences from bands like Watain, this re-release is definitely needed as this band’s sickening music must be heard.

The album opener, “Eleven Alpha” oozes with that filthy Black’n’roll-ish playful sound that is nicely complemented by S’s harsh vocals and a vibrant bass guitar line. The band’s sound is raw and very basic, but yet manages to be extremely efficient and engaging. The percussions are quite funky at times, greatly enhancing the experience and keeping the listener engages as on tracks like “Queen of Those Below” and the sort-of Punk-ish opening of “The Pulse”, which masterfully transforms into something completely different… and awesome.

Offering very unique experiences in each song, Svoid’s strengths lie in the fact that S and Dániel do a great job in crafting catchy songs with odd tempo changes that actually work perfectly. Songs like “Antania” are the perfect headbanging Black Metal pieces that we actively look for. Other tracks like “Reborn in Flames” are more straightforward and vicious, making them very well placed in the overall flow of this release.

Closing with the very melodic (and our favorite) “Towards the Horned Father”, the band has managed to put together a very well-crafted and totally unpredictable debut release with “Never to Return”. We are very glad that this album was re-released and that fans of the genre and artists like Watain will get to hear this Hungarian band. If you like catchy and raw Black Metal with hefty doses of Black’n’Roll, this will be the release for you.

Band: Svoid Album: Never To Return

Label: Sun & Moon Records

Release: May 13th, 2015 (reissue) / February 1st, 2013 (original self-release)

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Hungary

Rating: 90/100

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