Elyose – Ipso Facto (2015)


Hailing from Paris, France, today we have Industrial/Gothic Metal outfit Elyose and their sophomore release titled “Ipso Facto”. Featuring a very bombastic and crafty sound, this outfit delivers over 47 minutes of super catchy music. Led by the charismatic Justine Daaé, this is not just another clone band, as they nicely carve their own style and create very engaging music.

The album makes a quick impact with the super catchy electronic elements of “Femme De Verre” which perfectly blend with the strong vocal leads. The same high energy continues with the lush “De Guerre Lasse” and its solid guitar riffs paired with cool electronic effects. The band at this stage reminds of a mixture of Theater of Tragedy in the “Musique” days with the more modern style of Nemesea.

The band’s main composer and jack of all trades, Ghislain Henry, does a great job in crafting simple songs that are direct and effective. With tracks like “L'animal-aimé”, “Chronocide”, and the epic “Mon Charme”, the band nicely weaves back and forth from typical Gothic Metal to Industrial Metal to Alternative Rock, but with a very well defined core sound. One track that feels a bit different than the rest is the dreamy “Plus qu'humain”, which features growls by guest vocalist Florent Jannier.

Having a very engaging chorus section, “Rédemption” is one of our favorite tracks in this release. Another standout track is the dramatic “Droit dans les yeux” and its excellent guitar leads and melodic/electro passages. As the release comes to a close, the band choses to experiment with a more Jazzy/sultry sound with the intoxicating “Contretemps”, a style we wished the band would explore further in the future.

Overall, “Ipso Facto” is a very catchy and engaging release. Any fan of bands like Epica, Xandria, Nemesea, etc. will greatly appreciate such a well-produced release. If you like female-fronted music that is melodic and quite catchy, think Amaranthe but not cheesy, Eloyse is the band for you.

Band: Elyose Album: Ipso Facto

Label: Self-Released

Release: June 15th, 2015

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Industrial/Gothic Metal

Country: France

Rating: 86/100

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