Fear Factory – Genexus (2015)


Keeping the groove train going, today we have Fear Factory and their latest opus “Genexus”. Having perfected their style over the years, in this release the band further refines their superbly catchy music with some more Modern Metal / Groove / Djent elements. Delivering over 50 minutes of signature Fear Factory music, this album will please any fan of albums like “Fear of a New Machine” to their later works “Mechanize”.

Setting a futuristic atmosphere with “Autonomous Combat System”, the band’s precise drumming/riffing onslaughts instantly come to light. With Dino Cazares handling all the riffing duties, the band sounds as good as ever. Pummeling through tracks like “Dielectric” and “Soul Hacker”, we notice that Burton’s vocals have a certain edge in terms of being a bit more aggressive than in some of their previous release, giving that extra level of brutality to this album.

Adding some more modern elements to the mix, tracks like “Protomech” and “Genexus” sound a bit like Sybreed-meets- Meshuggah, making them quite technically impressive and engaging. We particularly enjoy the tempo changes in complex songs like “Church of Execution”, where the Industrial/Djent elements masterfully blend in together and enhance the band’s sound. A track that stands out is the mega catchy and very ‘radio friendly’ “Regenerate”, which features soaring clean vocals and a brilliant melodic passages with a good dose of atmospheric elements.

Ending the album with the very ambitious “Expiration Date”, the band completely goes for that synth pop/cold-wave vibe and achieves a very weird sounding track… that we couldn’t get out of head for days. Overall, this release brings back many of the older Industrial elements into the mix with some Modern/Groove/Djent elements to further cement the band’s aural legacy. While some tracks are a bit repetitive, the album as a whole is pretty entertaining and engaging. All songs (except the last one) will appeal to fans new and old from the band, so we have to say that you should definitely get a copy of this one.

Band: Fear Factory Album: Genexus

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: August 7th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Industrial/Groove Modern Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 86/100

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