Rosy Finch – Witchboro (2015)


With a crushing and hypnotic mixture of Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal/Rock influences, today we have Spain’s Rosy Finch and their debut full-length release “Witchboro”. Divided into two ‘movements’, this debut release features a merciless first side and then it mellows out into a more experimental and melodic nature, showcasing the wide musical range from this very promising young trio. Filled with heavy riffs from start to end, this is one unconventional release that you should definitely check out.

Opening with the droning “Úrsula”, we get a very hearty dose of fuzzy distortion and intoxicating female lead vocals. With both Mireia Porto and Elena García contributing to the vocals, we get a richer and more diverse aural experience in this album. Focusing on delivering riffing riffs, “Hyde Formula” is one hell of a track that will make your speakers rattle thanks to its pulsating bass guitar line and solid percussions.

If you like music with a hefty Punk/Sludge vibe, “Miss Howls” and “Sexkinesia” are two tracks that will instantly captivate your attention. These two songs also have a more ‘alternative’ sound to them, making them easier to be digested. Gracefully returning to the land of Doom/Sludge, “Polvo Zombi” brings back the droning riffs and punishing distortion that makes up the core of great bands in this genre.

The second ‘movement’ in this release under the moniker of “Sea of Trees”, delivers cleaner and more expansive tracks with songs like “Will O´ the Wisp” and “Ligeia”. Both songs show a cleaner and more experimental sound to the band while retaining mystical vocal melodies and a hefty dosage of intricate percussions. The album considerably changes gears in this ‘side’, with tracks like “Mistress of All Evil” making it into our top 10 most played tracks of the week.

Closing the release with the pummeling “Daphne vs. Apollo”, we are very surprised on how versatile and engaging Rosy Finch is. The band’s music is very well crafted and while having some elements of bands like Ides of Gemini, Jex Thoth, Demon Lung, they manage to carve their own unique style. If you are a fan of the genre and are looking for something different to enjoy, “Witchboro” is definitely an album that satisfies those requirements.

Band: Rosy Finch Album: Witchboro

Label: Deathbound Records

Release: June 15th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Stoner/ Sludge Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 88/100

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