Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (2015)


Continuing with their crafty melodic but brutal brand of Death Metal, today we have Kataklysm and their twelfth studio release “Of Ghosts and Gods”. In this ten-song album, the band dwells between mesmerizing melodic passages and punishing onslaughts keeping this release very fresh and well balanced. Releasing one music video per track, this is Kataklysm’s most ambitious album to date.

Opening with the album with the pummeling drumming of “Breaching the Asylum” sets a very high note for the rest of this release. As “The Black Sheep” and “Marching through Graveyards” roll in we notice a certain melodic tempo that reins the first three songs, which greatly enhances the band’s unique and punishing sound. This last track sounds like a very interesting mixture of Cannibal Corpse with some Swedish Death Metal.

Keeping the listeners engaged, “Vindication” moves up to a higher tempo and delivers a crushing track with massive drums and killer guitars. With the album mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap, we can instantly appreciate every single brutal and melodic detail, allowing the band to sound as clear as ever. With some of the most epic headbanging moments, “Carrying Crosses” is our favorite track in this solid release.

Another personal favorite song is the crafty “Hate Spirit”, filled with bestial drumming, super catchy riffs, and a very funky bass guitar line that make the song quite engaging and interesting. As the band closes the album with the atmospheric “The World is a Dying Insect”, we greatly notice how Kataklysm has evolved into the years and how well refined their sound currently is. Being very versatile and crafty is one of the band’s greatest strengths and they put on quite a display of this in “Of Ghosts and Gods”. If you like well-balanced Metal music that will keep you to the edge of the seat for over 45 minutes, be sure not to miss out of this excellent release.

Band: Kataklysm Album: Of Ghosts and Gods

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: July 31st, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 88/100

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