Locrian – Infinite Dissolution (2015)


Slowly establishing themselves as one of the most innovative experimental Metal bands in the USA, today we have Locrian and their latest opus “Infinite Dissolution”. Nicely evolving over the years, this Chicago-based outfit perfectly blends elements from Post-Metal, Black Metal, Drone, and Noise, creating a super think and powerful atmosphere unlike anything else we have ever heard.

Opening with the oppressive wall of sound of “Arc of Extinction”, the band creates the perfect introduction to their music. Crushing riffing, bi-polar drums, and very harsh vocals to open the track craft a truly unique opening experience. The band’s music weaves back and forth between styles and on this opener they give us a great sampler of what is to come. Mellowing out with “Dark Shales”, we find the Post-Rock-ish guitar leads quite engaging and well fitting. If you appreciate the band’s ‘noise’ side of their sound, “KXL I” is sort of an interlude that will satisfy your cravings.

Continuing with Locrian’s aural oppression, “The Future of Death” and the ritualistic “An Index of Air” perfectly blend Noise/Drone elements with underlying crushing Metal foundations that slowly creep through this songs creating disarray. Just after another interlude via “KXL II”, things get dark and somber with “The Great Dying”, a song that very slowly builds up to a brilliant cathartic conclusion, hands down our favorite piece in this album. Delivering more dramatic atmospherics, “Heavy Water” has a certain Raison d'être vibe to it.

Perfectly closing with a nice atmospheric outro, this release has greatly shows how Locrian has improved and evolved over the years. The last release we reviewed from the band was “The Crystal World” in 2010 and we are totally blown away by their evolution. Every song has tons of small details to obsess about for days, so be sure to give this release its rightful time. If you like experimental music that is constantly pushing the envelope, look no further and pick up a copy of “Infinite Dissolution”.

Band: Locrian Album: Infinite Dissolution

Label: Relapse Records

Release: Jully 24th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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