Fixion – Paraíso (2015)


Arriving all the way from Uruguay, today we have Fixion’s latest release “Paraíso”. Filled with over 44 minutes of catchy and melancholic Gothic Metal that spans influences from the early times of Gothic Rock to more recent Gothic Metal trends, this is one of those near perfect releases that are quite enjoyable. Combining a traditional somber Gothic atmosphere with catchy melodies makes and lush vocal arrangements, this release will appeal all fans of the genre.

As the album opens with the playful “Paraíso”, the band leads with strong vocal arrangements and a very primal and catchy atmosphere. The band instantly reminded us of Anabantha another female-led Gothic Metal/Rock outfit that also sings mostly in Spanish. Greatly exploiting Tina Souto female vocal talents and perfectly combining them with a back-to-the-basics musical structure, tracks like “Hasta Amanecer” and “El Impulso” immerse the listener into Fixion’s musical work.

Sometimes reminding us of Theater of Tragedy during their “Aégis” era mixed with Russia’s Fright Night, “Espectral” and “Siren’s Call” are two very engaging tracks that nicely combine modern and ‘oldschool’ vibes together. The band’s male vocalist, Daniel Cesar, perfectly balances Tina’s vocals with his talents and allows the songs to song natural and well crafted. The band’s subtle use of atmospheric keyboards in pieces like “Reina del Hielo” and “Herejia” is very up to par with what the genre traditionally used to have, none of that exaggerated symphonic stuff that completely kills the rawness and primal nature of music these days.

Channeling their inner Liv Kristine, “Inmaterial” is one of the band’s most mellow and recognizable songs in this release, and definitely one of our favorite ones. As the release closes with the Darkwell-sounding “Vuela Exacto”, the band has managed to make a lasting impression with a traditional Gothic Metal vibe that is well crafted and they can call their own. With more and more bands cranking up the orchestrations and overproducing their vocals in the studio, it is quite refreshing to hear a band stick to the basic and deliver a very impressive release with “Paraíso”. We completely recommend this for all the purist fans of Gothic Metal that like somber catchy music.

Band: Fixion Album: Paraíso

Label: Self-Released

Release: September 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic Metal/Rock

Country: Uruguay

Rating: 88/100

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