Abnormal Thought Patterns – Altered States of Consciousness (2015)


As the brainchild of the Tipton brothers of Zero Hour and Cynthesis fame, today we have Abnormal Thought Patterns and their extremely intricate release “Altered States of Consciousness”. Having proved themselves as very proficient musicians in the past, the Tipton brothers (and other band members) take their sound even further and delivering seven brilliant tracks that cover over 42 minutes of awe-inspiring guitar and bass guitar work tied together in a very nice and cohesive package.

The album opens with the shred-tastic “Distortions of Perception”, a slowly progressing piece that sets a very high bar for the rest of the album. Things move into more progressive/Djent-sounding territories with “Nocturnal Haven”, a track that features Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) on vocals and the (in)famous Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore). The band’s ability to make each song sound very different is quickly evident with one of our personal favorites, “Blindsight”, a track that reminds us of Ihsahn and his very technically proficient musical compositions.

Changing the mood once again, “Synthesia” features some excellent tempo changes and some killer bass guitar lines laid down by bass guitar masters Michael Manning and John Onder. Bringing the heavy guitar riffs and melancholic leads, “Nocturnal Haven” features guest Jeff Loomis and Into Eternity’s Tim Roth providing additional support to an already pretty stacked band. Every track in this release has plenty of little intricacies that will take you a while to fully discover and enjoy, making it one of the very few albums in 2015 that has extremely high replay value.

The overall cohesiveness of “Altered States of Consciousness” is very well crafted to greatly impress the listener and make them an instant fan of the band. All musicians in the band are amazing at their instruments and each track shows their skills extensively. This experience is greatly enhanced by a crystal clear production and the very well incorporated guest appearances by equally talented musicians. If you are looking for something extremely technical but also melodic and easy to digest, look no further and check out Abnormal Thought Patterns.

Band: Abnormal Thought Patterns Album: Altered States of Consciousness

Label: Lifeforce Records

Release: June 29th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Technical/Progressive Metal / Shred

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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