Outre – Ghost Chants (2015)


In a year filled with truly innovative and thought-provoking Black Metal releases, Godz ov War Productions present us with the decadent “Ghost Chants” from Polish new-comers Outre. Perfectly deconstructing the genre and making it their own, this album features seven track of truly sickening Black Metal unlike anything you have ever heard before. The band’s unique pummeling musical approach sounds like a mixture of Watain, Behemoth and Weapon with some of the Shining/Bethlehem craziness sprinkled into the mix.

Setting the stage with a pummeling wall of noise decadent opening ‘intro’ titled “Chant 1. – Departure”, which feature some eerie ritualistic vocals. It is until “Chant 2. – Shadow” that the band’s blasting blasphemy commences with a pummeling track filled with oppressive riffs and deranged vocals. The Black Metal aural devastation is excellently crafted to be as demoralizing as possible thanks to the killer drumming and intricate guitar work that is viciously present on
“Chant 3. - The Fall”.

Things turn even more interesting in this release as “Chant 4. – Lament” arrives with a hefty dose of experimental and bizarre sections that will make you question the band’s sanity. The creepily atmospheric piece “Chant 5. – Equilibrium” further cements “Ghost Chants” claim as one of the weirdest and most disturbing releases of 2015. The truly punishing nature of the band’s music on songs like “Chant 6. – Vengeance” and “Chant 7. – Arrival” is what draws us to their very dense and haunting music.

Overall, “Ghost Chants” is one of those releases that will hit you like a bag of bricks from multiple angles. On one side we have the crushing Black Metal musical foundation the band presents and on the other we have the bone chilling atmospheric brilliance. With Outre perfectly executing and blending both elements, we have to say that this is one of the best releases of 2015 so far and that any self-respecting fan of Black Metal will truly enjoy and worship such a powerful release.

Band: Outre Album: Ghost Chants

Label: Godz ov War Productions

Release: March 20th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 92/100

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