Almøst Human– Ø (2012)


Better late than never, today we have Switzerland’s Almøst Human with their super catchy EP titled “Ø”. Featuring five tracks and around 25 minutes of music, this is a great business card from a band that has a highly refined sound and a the attitude to deliver Heavy songs with a certain modern flair that makes them comparable to bands like Stork, Amaranthe (minus the female vocals), and even some of the most recent Coal Chamber stuff.

Blasting things wide open with the blistering “Living Wreck”, which starts off a bit like a mixture of Linkin Park meets Devildriver. The vocals are quite engaging and very fitting for the musical style, allowing the track to go from heavy to brutal in seconds. The band settles in a bit after the killer opener with the melodic “Obey, Consume or Disappear”, which showcases a mellower and cleaner side of the band thanks to the solid vocals and guitar leads.

One thing that instantly shows in this release is the superb production quality behind each track that allows every single detail to be properly enjoyed thanks to a very well balanced mix. Never compromising and always trying to push the level of aggression, the closing tracks “Normosis” and “Each of Us” are very diverse and engaging for fans of the modern sounding extreme music.

As a whole, “Ø” is a very entertaining release that shows the level of maturity and creativity of this Swiss outfit. The musicianship is top notch as you will be able to get fired up on the great drumming and the incisive guitar work on this release. If you like your music very dynamic and on the side of modern/commercial Metal, look no further and pick up a copy of this excellent EP.

Band: Almøst Human Album: Ø

Label: Self-Released

Release: 2012

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Modern Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 85/100

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