Wallower – Vanishing In Bloom (2014)


At Infernal Masquerade we usually receive anywhere between 20 to 40 promos each week, so going ‘off script’ to review something requires a killer release. Wallower and their savage mixture of Black Metal with Shoegaze have managed to stand out enough for us to review their killer debut EP. Under the title “Vanishing In Bloom”, we are presented with four brilliant songs that deliver a rare mixture of melody and harshness perfectly in harmony.

The release explodes wide open with their pummeling “Meteor”, a blistering track that features ear-piercing vocals and superb guitar work. The bands demolishing sound is very raw and brutal, perfectly balanced by the shoegazy parts thrown into the mix. While not as cathartic as Deafheaven or atmospheric as An Autumn for Crippled Children, the band perfectly captures the rawness and bleakness behind acts like Ghost Bath and Heretoir, as shown in the crafty “Dispel”.

Escalating the level of brutality, “Tempest” is probably the heaviest track in this release with some vicious riffing and punishing drumming. In terms of mellower shoegazy stuff, “Summer’s Oblivion” is one fine example of precise mixture between the band’s two main musical styles. Overall, “Vanishing In Bloom” is quite a punishing release that while having some melodic moments, it is still quite vicious and raw. If you like the brutal aspect of bands like Deafheaven, Heretoir and Ghost Bath, you will love this release.

Band: Wallower Album: Vanishing In Bloom

Label: Unsigned

Release: December 16th, 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal / Shoegaze

Country: USA

Rating: 89/100

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