Sirenia – The Seventh Path (2015)


The highly consistent Sirenia returns with yet another masterful Gothic/Symphonic Metal release. Morten Veland has always been known for his consistency and signature approach to the genre and with “The Seventh Path”, he delivers another quality release that fans will absolutely love. Featuring 11 tracks of majestic female vocals paired with dramatic and bombastic music, this is one of those albums that will stand out this 2015.

After the lush opener “Seti”, the band delivers the explosive “Serpent”. In this moment you are instantly transported into Sirenia’s world, as the band delivers a fully immersive experience with their music. The signature growls and riffs from Morten Veland make their way, and we instantly felt right at home. With a bigger emphasis on more Symphonic elements, “Once My Light” features some very cool Gregorian-style chorus arrangements that take the song to a whole new level.

With a richer and more organic atmospheric sound, tracks like “Elixir” with its 80’s like clean vocals, the long and moody “Sons of the North”, and the hypnotic and playful “Earendel”, the band has truly come a long way since its inception and has managed to greatly expand its sound into the Gothic/Symphonic Metal elite. Killer guitar leads are the norm in this release as we can excellently hear in “Earandel” and “Concealed Disdain”, giving them a certain element of freshness in the mix.

Having a powerful and well defined progression; “The Seventh Path” is one of Sirenia’s best releases due to the fact that it never gets dull or repetitive. Tracks like “Insania”, “The Silver Eye” and the melodramatic “Tragedienne” make sure the listeners stay put and enjoying the show. Overall, we love how fresh and dynamic Sirenia sounds in this one, and we are sure the fans of the band will greatly enjoy it. If you are ready for some lush and bombastic music, be sure to pick up a copy of this excellent release.

Band: Sirenia Album: The Seventh Path

Label: Napalm Records

Release: May 12th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic / Symphonic Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 92/100

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