Aureole – Alunar (2015)


One man American outfit Aureole is finally releasing their demo on CD and Avantgarde Music has taken to the task to do so. With a very bleak and hypnotic sound, “Alunar” delivers five songs and around 40 minutes of Atmospheric Black Metal that nicely entertains and relaxes the listeners.

Stating with “Citadel Alunar”, M.S. creates a very bleak atmosphere that is suddenly ravaged by low-fi distorted riffs and hellish vocals. The tension is perfectly introduced and developed in the first track and some tension is relieved on the faster harsher parts. “The voice of Nebular Flame” provides a very bleak backdrop with minimalistic atmospheric elements solid riffs, very contrasting to the mostly atmospheric “The Serenity of the Hourglass”. Luckily, the raw Black Metal harshness is back with the 12-minute behemoth “Crusade of NGC 5128”, a very trippy and engaging track.

Closing with another atmospheric song, “Alunar, Decrepit…” brings this debut release to an end. Here is where we were left wanting a bit more in terms of heaviness and riffs since the album seems a bit disconnected and very experimental, rather than something more cohesive and polished. While all the good elements are there, “Alunar” needed a bit more work and experience to truly be a landmark release. However, this album is quite decent and Aureole is a promising a very unique band in the USA.

Band: Aureole Album: Alunar

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: April 18th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 80/100

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