Calling of Lorme – Pygmalion (2013)


After reviewing tons of Black and Death Metal, we are eager to get some different styles of music in our system. Today our wish was granted with France’s Industrial/Electro Metal outfit Calling of Lorme and their extremely catchy release “Pygmalion”. Filled with catchy tunes gracefully adorned by electronic elements and rhythmical distorted guitars, this release will keep listeners engaged for over 45 minutes.

Very important to these types of releases is that the opener catches your attention since the first minute, and with “Layman” the band delivers a hypnotic set of beats that pull you into their world. The heavy emphasis on the atmospheric elements makes tracks like “Lore” and “Pygmalion” quite engaging and transport the listener to post-apocalyptic worlds that the band constructs with their colorful lyrics.

Each song has its own little set of elements that makes them stand out from the rest while allowing Calling of Lorne to have a signature sound at the same time. From “Child in Ebony” to “Hindsight”, the band constantly delivers catchy riffs and tight drums that are very well rounded up by the harsh vocals of Jy and the clean sections of Jo. Our favorite song in this release is the intoxicating “1720” and its use of samples and multiple style of vocals.

In terms of atmosphere, “Babylon” creates the densest atmosphere in this release with imposing electronic elements and very ethereal keyboards. For people looking for epic vocal arrangements and Rammstein-esque sections, “Nights out Nights” is a pretty solid track. Overall, “Pygmalion” is one of those catchy and engaging releases that will keep you entertained for quite a while. The album is heavy enough to capture the Industrial Metal crowd, and catchy enough to get the Electro/Cybergoth crowd as well. Packaged in a lush digipack, this is one album that should be added to your collection.

Band: Calling of Lorme Album: Pygmalion

Label: Black Wave

Release: November 13th, 2013

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Industrial/Electronic Metal

Country: France

Rating: 86/100

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