Decline of the I – Rebellion (2015)


The French Metal musical renaissance continues with yet another uncompromising release that pushes the boundaries of Black Metal with “Rebellion” from one-man battalion Decline of the I. As a side project from A.K. from Vorkreist and Merrimack, this is one of the most sickening (in a good way) releases of 2015 so far. Filled with craziness and odd elements mixed together, we are treated to more than 45 minutes of intense music.

Quickly establishing this will not be your typical release with the chaotic opener “Lower degree of God’s might”, the band is off to a great start with seemingly random elements perfectly stitched together. The riffing barrage continues with the demoralizing “Hexenface” dissonance adorned with mournful vocals. “Le rouge, le vide et le tordu” delivers some interesting tempo changes that feature some cool French audio samples during its melodic interludes.

So far, you have probably noticed that there are tons of things going on in this release and we are not even half way through it. The imposing mixture of oppressive riffs and crazy vocals make “The end of prostration” and the ritualistic “Pieces of a drowned motion” two very intense songs in this already captivating release. As we come closer to the end, “Deus Sive Musica” continues the level of intensity with killer drumming and catchy hooks.

Saving the best to last, “On est bien peu de chose” features some commanding heavy riffs and very unique melancholic passages with spoken word sections that slowly spiral into total madness. As a whole, “Rebellion” is a very unique and complex release that has so many different levels to it that will take you more than a few spins to fully unravel. A.K. does a great job in creating a dense atmosphere that persists through the duration of this release. If you like unconventional music, be sure to keep an eye out for Decline of the I.

Band: Decline of the I Album: Rebellion

Label: Agonia Records

Release: February 27th, 2015 (Europe) / March 10th, 2015 (North America)

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Genre: Avant garde/Post Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 88/100

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