Code – mut (2015)


Always expecting the unexpected from Code, the band takes a huge musical leap with “mut”. Usually characterized by playing intricate and unconventional songs, the band will surely puzzle their listeners with this Post-Rock/Progressive Rock album that keeps the band’s unique sinister atmosphere present, but with a different packaging.

The album starts off with the trippy and jazzy “On Blinding Larks” and “Undertone”, two tracks that are quite atmospheric and while different to what one would expect, they are quite engaging. The guitar work led by Aort and Andras is spot on, reminding us a bit of a jazzier and darker version of Anathema. Wacian further showcases his vocal magical powers with a very diverse and full of surprises performance through the album, but in particular tracks likes “Dialogue” and the deranged “Affliction”.

Through the album, the band crafts a very melodic and melancholic dark atmosphere that is quite unique. Coming close to Hexvessel and similar outfits minus the Folky stuff, “Inland sea” and “Cocoon” are very somber tracks that are expertly crafted with tons of funky (and great) guitar and bass guitar passages. Oozing melancholy, “Numb, and author” is our favorite track of this release.

Coming to a close with “The Bloom in the Blast”, we are left reflecting on a brilliantly composed and arranged release that will surely rub some people the wrong way. Code has constantly been evolving over the years and “mut” is just another step on the way. We love how the band never stops experimenting and it is not afraid of pushing their sound to new levels. If you like and understand Code, you will love this release. If you are looking for Proggy Black Metal, you are better off getting some of their older releases.

Band: Code Album: mut

Label: Agonia Records

Release: February 27th, 2015 (Europe) / March 10th, 2015 (North America)

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Rock / Progressive Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 92/100

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