The Passion of Our Souls – Soulmates (2015)


Riding on the tailwinds of bands like Amaranthe that play catchy pseudo-pop-ish Melodic Metal, today we have The Passion of our Souls from Finland. This Finish duo deliver four tracks of catchy riffs, memorable melodic passages, and solid vocals that are quite engaging and will get stuck in your head.

Opening with “Give Me Your Soul”, the band instantly grabs your attention with some catchy hooks and very pleasing female vocals, courtesy of Julia Mattila. The male harsh vocals are a bit on the ‘too raspy’ side, but they seem to work with the music. While this release is catchy and mellow, it is also quite heavy as the opening of “Everything” will show you. The band is not just a convert to Metal, but rather one that has strong (and heavy) Metal foundations.

As the EP progresses, “What Tomorrow Brings” is one very entertaining piece with an interesting array of mood and tempo changes, making it quite a unique track. Closing on a high-note, “Till Death Do Us Part” has a certain Nightwish-meets-Kalmah vibe to it. In this track the band showcases their ability to write very melodic songs that only rely on vocals as a secondary element to command the listener’s attention.

Overall, this EP show promise from The Passion of our Souls thanks to their excellent ability to deliver crisp Finish Melodic Metal songs with extra elements thrown into the mix. If you like bands like Amaranthe but could do without all the cheese (exaggerated production and keyboards) “Soulmates” is a very good release to hold you over until the band crafts their debut full-length release.

Band: The Passion of Our Souls Album: Soulmates

Label: Self-Released

Release: March 3rd, 2015

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 85/100

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