Pryapisme – Futurologie (2015)


After blowing us away with their weird and extremely experimental “Hyperblast Supercollider”, France’s Pryapisme returns with an even more chaotic “Futurologie”. Pushing sonic boundaries even further, the band greatly builds up on their crazy video-game/experimental music and delivers a crazy EP with one songs divided into 11 parts for around 25 minutes of music, and the orchestral version of said track is included as well.

The release kicks off with the very progressive and jazzy extravaganza of “Petit traité de futurologie sur l'Homo cretinus trampolinis (et son annexe sur les nageoires caudales)”. The first and second parts of this song feature a wide palette of video game music and some Japanese/Asian influenced orchestrations with a collection of odd tempo changes and jazzy Oboe. Things vary from Ska-like to pure head on madness through parts III to VII with some very fast paced sections (VI) and crazy catchy instrumental interludes (VII).

Pushing things even further, there are some cool beats and trip-hop elements in part IX, just before things turn classical with lush arrangements in parts X and XI. The band has a clear method to its madness and they included the full orchestral version of “Petit traité de futurologie sur l'Homo cretinus trampolinis”. The band members are excellent songwriters and with this ambitious 22 minute piece they showcase their skills.

Overall, this EP will only further the legend of Pryapisme’s madness. Coming out on February via Apathia Records, this is one of those crazy experimental releases that your collection of weird music cannot be missing.

Band: Pryapisme Album: Futurologie

Label: Apathia Records

Release: February 9th, 2015

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental

Country: France

Rating: 90/100

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