Voices of Destiny – Crisis Cult (2014)


Very far from the explosiveness and originality of their 2010 debut release “From the Ashes”, today we have Voices of Destiny and their latest offering “Crisis Cult”. As the first blow to the band, they have lost their signature vocalist Maike Holzmann and their drummer Erik Seitz since their last release, the band delivers a very unimaginative run-of-the-mill Gothic/Symphonic Metal release with this one.

Having been a fan of the band in the past, this new release showcases their weaknesses in composing compelling music and only highlights their abilities to borrow elements from other bands without having a signature staple on top of their music. The band’s new vocalist Ada Flechtner (ex-Coronatus) does a pretty decent job, but the music is ultimately what falls flat in this release. The opener “Wolfpack” has the band continuing their path with dramatic orchestrations, but the sudden tempo change when the vocals appear feels weird and reminds us of the ill-fated band Darkwell. Similar tempo changes and odd combinations of elements make songs like this one and “The Easy Prey”, “21 Heroes” and “Stormcrow” to feel very odd and disconnected.

There are more Modern Metal influences thrown here and there that move the band’s sound to the ‘current’ trend of average Gothic Metal bands into more commercial friendly territories. While not all is bad, melodic passages of songs like “To the Slaughter”, “Under Control” and “The Great Hunt” are decent and had us going for a few moments, but the band usually kills them with odd tempo changes and disconnected passages.  Our favorite track is the Gothic ballad “At the Edge” that shocases Ada’s vocals alongside of Manuella Kraller, a track that reminds us more of Coronatus than Voices of Destiny.

Overall, the music is not completely terrible and there are some good moments, but the album feels unpolished and rushed. There are plenty of odd passages and tempo changes that will break the flow of the release for fans. The mixture of harsh male vocals and female vocals is decent, but nothing out of the ordinary. There are bands that immediately recover and come back stronger from the loss of their original vocalist, too bad that Voices of Destiny is not one of them. If you want an average Gothic Metal release and are a hardcore fan of the band, pick up a copy of this forgettable release.

Band: Voices of Destiny Album: Crisis Cult

Label: Masscre Records

Release: October 31st, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 65/100

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