The Flight of Sleipnir – V. (2014)


Hailing from Colorado, today we have the elusive duo The Flight of the Sleipnir and their fifth full-length release titled “V.”. Featuring seven tracks of very mellow improvisational-style Psychedelic Sludge/Doom, this band delivers a very unique aural experience with over 59 minutes of very diverse and sonically pleasing music that evokes the likes of folk-induced Agalloch, Velnias, mixed with countless Doom Metal acts.

The release kicks off with a very Empyrium-esque opener with “Headwinds”, a track that slowly builds up to some powerful Sludgy riffs and tight drumming. The mixture of and Sludge elements is quite well crafted and the clean vocals nicely fit the bill, the harsh vocals while odd at first create a very contrasting vibe that ultimately fits the song perfectly. Things get a bit more psychedelic, or should we say ‘sludge-chedelic’ in the trippy “Sidereal Course”. This song has a very nice free-flowing vibe and feels like a jam session in some places.

Invoking their heavier influences, “The Casting” reminds us of bands like Velnias and Agalloch with their atmospheric approach to heaviness. One of our favorite tracks in the release is the moody “Nothing Stands Obscure” and its perfectly balanced clean/harsh vocal passages that brilliantly complement and contrast each other. “Gulveig” and “Archaic Rites” further explore the band’s Folk side with lush passages and crafty vocal arrangements, making these tracks quite enjoyable and diverse.

As the album closes with the Doom epic “Beacon in Black Horizon”, we are treated to powerful Doom riffs and melancholic passages that reminded us a bit of bands like Novembers Doom and Forest of Shadows. Overall, “V.” is one hell of a release that features tons of different influences, all perfectly arranged to create a very unique and characteristic sound for The Flight of Sleipnir. If you like Doom/Sludge/Folk and are a fan of band anywhere in the range of Saturnus to Empyrium to Velnias, this is one release that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more.

Band: The Flight of Sleipnir Album: V.

Label: Napalm Records

Release: November 24th, 2014

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Genre: Doom/Sludge/Folk

Country: USA

Rating: 89/100

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