Last Leaf Down – Fake Lights (2014)


Hailing from Switzerland, today we have Last Leaf Down and their dreamy Post-Rock/Shoegaze. Sounding like a combination of Katatonia, Tides from Nebula, and some sprinkles of Slowdive and Alcest, this band delivers a very unique and ethereal sounding release with “Fake Lights”. Clocking in at 51 minutes, buckle up for a very dreamy and ethereal ride with this one.

As the intro bleeds into “In Dreams”, the dreamy shoegazing galore starts. The band’s sound is very atmospheric and melancholic. Benjamin Schenk vocals are quite hypnotic and they perfectly fit to the album’s overall pace. The Katatonia influences, while on their experimental ‘alternative’ phase, are very clear in tracks like “In These Waters” and “Giant”, we particularly love this last one and its weeping depressive guitars.

Post-Rock elements nicely complement the shoegazing in this release making it quite mellow, as we can hear in “Growing Fear” and “The Theme”. While all tracks have the same core elements, songs like “Truth is a liar” nicely standout as the band shakes things up a bit and delivers more intense guitar work. Other songs like “Wish To Leave” have a certain Dark Wave/Gothic vibe that we greatly enjoy.

As a whole, “Fake Lights” is quite a musical journey that refuses to be pegged down by one genre. This band mixes a wide variety of elements into their own signature Shoegazey sound, making them appealing for traditional Shoegaze fans as well as more modern Post-Rock enthusiasts. Filled to the brim with emotions and atmosphere, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Band: Last Leaf Down Album: Fake Lights

Label: Lifeforce Records

Release: November 25th, 2014 (North America)

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Shoegaze / Post-Rock

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 90/100

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