Abysmal Dawn – Obsolescence (2014)


Today we have USA Death Metal outfit Abysmal Dawn and their fourth full-length release titled “Obsolescence”. In a year filled with new albums from several genre greats like Obituary and Cannibal Corpse and a few high profiles returns like Centinex, it is surprising to find out that this release got us going from beginning to end, like no other one.

The riffing onslaught immediately starts with the punishing “Human Obsolescence”, a track that features demoralizing Deathcore-like vocals and intricate guitar work. As the band pummels through tracks like “Perfecting Slavery”, or the groovy “Inanimate” and “Devouring the Essence of God”, we are very impressed with the perfect crafting and execution of such epic head banging pieces.

Guitar wizardry takes its turn on the super catchy “One Percent Incomplete”, one of the most engaging tracks in this release. Our set of personal favorite tracks arrive with the monolithic trio of “Loathed in Life, Praised in Death”, “By My Demons” and “Laborem Morte Liberat Te”, very diverse and captivating tracks that show the ridiculous amounts of talent that Abysmal Dawn has within its ranks.

Closing with the very well delivered Dissection cover “Night’s Blood”, as a whole, “Obsolescence” is one brilliant release that nicely shows Abysmal Dawn’s evolution over the years, and how good they have gotten at their craft. If you are a Death Metal fan and your wallet is burning after buying all other great releases this year, it is worth going a few days without eating to get your paws on this one.

Band: Abysmal Dawn Album: Obsolescence

Label: Relapse Records

Release: October 28th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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