Incipient Chaos – Sulphur (2014)


Today in our mail box we found French Black Metal horde Incipient Chaos presenting us with their debut EP titled “Sulphur”. Featuring five tracks of savage Black Metal, this new French band packs a heavy punch with their crushing guitars and harsh vocals crafting intense tunes of crusty and cavernous music.

Blasting things wide open with the blistering “We Live”, the band delivers the line “Chaos Reigns” and brutality ensues. With pummeling drums, demoralizing vocals and intense riffs, the band instantly makes an impact with their wicked sound. Invoking genre greats like Gorgoroth, Merrimack, and Vorkreist, the band perfectly crafts savagery into their chaotic and massive tunes as we can appreciate on “Redemption by Lie” and the short but punishing “War – Blood – Flesh”.

Things shift gears with the slower paced sections of “Black Hate”, greatly enhancing the band’s sound with better directed onslaughts of brutality. The guitar layering is quite excellent in the album’s last two songs as we can feel the mood shift to darker and less typical territories. “Sulphur” nicely closes this release with a prefect mixture of old-school BM with some more modern riffing assaults and perfectly crafted tempo changes.

Overall, “Sulphur” is quite an intense release that slowly gets better as the tracks progress. Incipient Chaos members all go by stages names of Chaos 1 through 5, and they truly deliver chaos to the listener’s ears, in a very devastating and well delivered way. If you like Black Metal and are looking out for new bands, keep an eye out for Incipient Chaos.

Band: Incipient Chaos Album: Sulphur

Label: Mortis Humanae Productions

Release: September 19th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 86/100

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