Decapitated – Blood Mantra (2014)


Continuing to go down a completely different path, today we have Decapitated and another entry to the band’s ‘second period’ of average Death/Groove Metal music. With two new members (that is half the band) since the last release, this band seems to be wondering what kind of music they should be playing. Featuring eight tracks, this release has some moments, but they continue to fall flat compared to their early legacy.

After the uninspired opener “Exiled in Flesh”, we are treated to a brutal track filled of intense drumming and some Djent-esque elements thrown into the mix. This makes “The Blasphemous Psalm to the Dummy God Creation” one of the oddest named tracks, and one of the better ones in this release. Both “Veins” and “Blood Mantra” have some cool Death Metal moments here and there, but fail to grab our attention.

The best track in this release is the Meshuggah/Djent esque “Nest”, and its playful tempo changes and excellent lead guitars. The vocals are standard for the genre, but more diversity could render them more effective. “Blindness” continues the Groovy direction of this track with more catchy passages and atmospheric elements that make the band sound a bit like Neurosis and their Post-Metal powers.

Closing with the instrumental “Red Sun”, we are left completely unsatisfied by Decapitated once more. While there are some good musical moments here and there, and the instruments are played with top skills, the band’s direction is very unclear and chaotic. If you are going to be just another Djent band, go for it, but don’t swing straight up Death Metal into the mix… it sounds very odd. If you liked their previous release (“Carnival Is Forever”) you will love this album, but if you expect technical DM like before… stay away.

Band: Decapitated Album: Blood Mantra

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: September 30th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Groove Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 70/100

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